B&M Holeshot 2400 Stall #70411 GM Powerglide


The B&M Holeshot 2400 non lock-up Torque Converter , Part #70411 fits General Motors Powerglide transmissions.


The B&M Holeshot 2400 Torque Converter, Part #70411 fits 1962 to 1973 General Motors Powerglide transmissions.

The Holeshot converter will provide several advantages and benefits in vehicles with modified engines. Many modifications, particularly big cams, tend to reduce low end power and torque. The Holeshot converter allows the engine to launch the car at higher rpm where more torque is available.

The Holeshot is a very good choice for the typical street machine that is looking for better launch capability and more strength. Street rods with modified engines will also benefit from a Holeshot converter.



  • Furnace Brazed Impeller
  • Steel Alloy Pump Drive Tube
  • New Springs/Rollers In Stator
  • Heavy Duty Needle Bearings
  • Furnace Brazed Turbine
  • New Turbine Hub
  • Pressure Tested
  • Balanced



Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 8 in


B&M Holeshot Torque Converters Hot Deals

B&M HoleShot torque converters are designed to improve acceleration and increase drivetrain strength in most street machines. A nice benefit of a Holeshot high stall torque converter is when a higher duration camshaft is used, you can expect improved engine idle while stopped in gear. These high quality balanced torque converters come standard with full furnace brazed impeller and turbine, heavy-duty needle type thrust bearings, and new turbine hubs. Note: ◦Not for transbrake applications. ◦Stall speeds may not apply to engines smaller than 350 cubic inches Features: •Rated up to 600 HP/500Ft-Lbs •Furnace brazed impeller and turbine •New precision steel pump drive tube •Dual pattern drive lugs on some GM HoleShots •New turbine hub •New springs and rollers in stator •New heavy duty needle bearings used instead of thrust washers RPM ranges for B&M Holeshot Torque Converters: •Holeshot 2000: 1900-2100 RPM •Holeshot 2400: 2300-2500 RPM •Holeshot 2500: 2300-2500 RPM •Holeshot 2600: 2400-2600 RPM •Holeshot 3000: 2800-3200 RPM •Holeshot 3200: 2900-3200 RPM •Holeshot 3300: 2900-3300 RPM •Holeshot 3500: 3200-3500 RPM •Holeshot 3600: 3400-3800 RPM •Nitrous Holeshot 3800: 3500-3800 RPM Stall Speed: Very mild street cars use a 2000 RPM stall speed unit. Most street-driven performance cars with 350 foot pounds of torque or more need a 2400 RPM unit. Cars with more radical small blocks (500 foot pounds of torque at 4500 RPM or higher) require a 3000 RPM converter. The more torque a motor puts out, the higher the resulting stall speed. Therefore most street performance big blocks would still use a 2400 RPM converter because they generally achieve 2600-2800 RPM. An engine smaller than 350ci might not achieve such stall speeds, which are based on an engine producing 230 foot pounds of torque at 2500 RPM.

B&M Torque Converters Lowest Prices

B&M® Racing & Performance has been at the vanguard of the growing automotive aftermarket since the early 1950s. Racers themselves, B&M’s founders identified the needs of local racers and street performance enthusiasts, and developed products to fill those needs. As the industry grew so did B&M. And as racers went faster, B&M developed products to help them break the records they just set.


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