Super Launch Master Torque Converters

Supercharger Launch Master Torque Converters


Launch Your Car Like Never Before!

Every Super Launch Master™ puts the ‘Launch’ in Launch Master™ by providing a very aggressive initial shock to the tires off the line with excellent torque multiplication characteristics to supply those smile inducing, eyeball flattening, hard hitting launches that everyone loves!

Super Launch Master™ performance torque converters are designed with the true dual purpose street/strip supercharged vehicle in mind.

The Super Launch Master™ is designed to take a beating while providing unparalleled strength with the inclusion of our very own bulletproof Billet Armor™ anti-balloon plates to protect your transmission, crankshaft and engine block from getting ruined when you push it hard!

Features: BILLET brazed™ internals which create a high strength bilateral monocoque structure, heat treated turbine splines that increase torque capacity, friction and parasitic drag reducing Billet Bearing™ packages, hardened pre-ground pump hub, precise computer balancing, all capped off with our industry exclusive Black Ice™ heat dissipating finish which lowers operating temperatures.


• Hard Hitting Launches

• Quicker Reaction Times

• Lower Elapsed Times

• Better Low and Mid-Range Power

• Superior Strength and

• Miles of Smiles!

The Super Launch Master™ Torque Converter is a serious converter for the serious street/strip performance car!

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