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B&M Nitrous Holeshot Torque Converters

The B&M Nitrous HoleShot Converter is the strongest of the B&M street converter line-up. These converters will take the “instant hit” abuse of plate-type nitrous systems and are also tough enough to handle the high power and torque of big cubic inch crate engines. All Nitrous HoleShot converters are completely balanced with full furnace brazed impeller and turbine, heavy duty needle type thrust bearings, new turbine hubs and anti-balloon plates. Ideal for serious performance street cars looking for serious performance.


•Rated up to 700 HP/550 Ft-Lbs
•Furnace brazed impeller and turbine
•New precision steel pump drive tube
•New heavy duty needle bearings used instead of thrust washers
•New springs and rollers in stator
•Dual pattern drive lugs on some GM HoleShots
•New turbine hub
•Anti-balloon plates

•Not to be used with trans brake.
•Recommended to install a supplementary transmission oil cooler and transmission temperature gauge to monitor additional heat build up.

RPM Ranges for B&M Nitrous Holeshot Torque Converters:
•Nitrous Holeshot 2400: 2300-2500 RPM
•Nitrous Holeshot 3000: 2800-3200 RPM
•Nitrous Holeshot 3600: 3400-3800 RPM

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