Natural Eliminator Intercept Spragless Converters

Big Horsepower is BIG fun.. until it breaks your torque converter!

There is a solution! Now you have a choice to eliminate consistency and durability worries with the Natural ELIMINATOR Intercept spragless torque converter. The Natural ELIMINATOR Intercept spragless torque converter was designed to give you a more enjoyable experience at the track by eliminating inconsistent reaction times caused by a slipping sprag and by eliminating all of your catastrophic sprag failure worries.

Traction challenged?

We tailor each Natural ELIMINATOR Intercept provide a slightly less aggressive initial shock to the tires off the line than the Natural ELIMINATOR Launch series of spragless torque converters, while providing a harder charging midrange and top end.


• Deadly consistent reaction times and elapsed times at the track

• Less off the line wheel spin

• Harder charging midrange

• Excellent top end MPH

• Superior strength

• Peace of mind and masses of worry free passes!

The Natural ELIMINATOR Intercept ELIMINATES the Sprag and ELIMINATES the Problems™.

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